There are two things that I consider to be my "artistic weaknesses;" things that I will like, always, no matter what.

Rainbows, and water creatures.

This is Rriilp, a character for a D&D game I'm going to be playing online. I had absolutely no reason to draw this character other than that water creatures are AWESOME and I've wanted to RP as one for bloody ever.

For those who know or care, he is a water genasi who was raised by kuo-toas. He is/used to be a whip, but was captured by slavers and is now owned by another player character.

Painting WIP, I want to put more work into this one, but got so excited about colouring it that I did a fast one just so I could show something. c:


DrowLove By The Sea

This is my final animation render for ANI400.

So, I wasn't able to finish Pyras in time. I pretty much had to choose between all eight models and no animation for the showing on Friday, or something to show off with, and no Pyras. Since Pyras has essentially left DrowLove anyway, I went ahead with this animation today.

It's 105 frames long and loops 18 times to music. c: I'm very proud of it, considering I'm not aiming for an animation job, I think I did well.

I aim to finish Pyras, the weapons and props, and Onion after graduation.

Also, check out this sweet walk Bob did for me! c:



I finished Granth, but I have to go work on my sociology paper now, so no time for pretty renders. Pyras might be delayed until after finals, I'll know by Wednesday.




Also notice: lue's fixed self-illumination, arinae's fixed skinning and self-illumination, Drea's coat still not fixed, the one teapot I forgot to put a double-sided material onto.


lots of pictures

Fie is done.

I actually figured out how to use biped extras, so I rigged his coat. I'll probably go back and do Drea's coat this same way, but not yet, I need to finish the last two models first.

He doesn't really have enough geometry for a good coat rig, but it works way better than skinning to his legs.


So, I added him to the lineup, where he is coincidentally right next to Lueali. I don't think either of them would be particularly happy with that.

He brings some boot colour variation to the group.

Aaand then I did a bunch of renders because I'm getting a kick out of this project.

Flan is the favourite of all my professors. XD Oddly, he translated really well into 3D.

Fie is my favourite, I think. I really like his glasses.

Autem, who is pretty.

Arinae, the first I did. I'm noticing skinning errors on her, and I need to tone down her eyes just a little. She is supposed to have very pale piercing eyes, but right now it's a bit of an overkill.


She is somehow one of the most expressive ones.

I really like Fie. XD LOOK OUT LUE.

I think I did something strange with Lue's self-illumination. He looks fine in Max, but gets weird shadows on his face in all the renders. I'll probably take a look at that when I get to the point where I am fixing old errors in these models.

Granth is next! These are due on Wednesday, I'm hoping to have them done this weekend.


Five Finished

So I've got two more models for the DrowLove project.

Flan! I had to get a lot of critique from Bob to get him to look like him, but we're really happy with how he came out!

Uh. I'm a little burned out. :D;

Bob likes this one.

And I like this one. XD

Texture makes a lot of difference!

And here's Autem!
Same deal, I had to get a lot of critique from Yubi, but luckily, she actually has an actress she knows of that I was able to use as reference for what a more realistic Autem might look like.

Her skin test was a little prettier than Flan's.

Here's the current lineup. I'm replacing and posing models as I finish them. They each have diffuse, opacity, self-illumination, and specular maps. I've skinned them to bipeds because I really don't have time for eight custom rigs.


Fie is next. c:


Texturing Like Crazy

Skeletons are as finished as I am going to worry about getting them for now. I'd like to touch them up a bit, but this is workable unless I get free time, which I don't think will happen, unfortunately.

And Drea makes 3/8 DrowLove models done.

For fun, here's a render before he was skinned properly:

And here is one after skinning. I've noticed a few obvious errors since this, but really, that big coat creates problems for dynamic poses. I might experiment with ways to fix this, but I don't really think I have time, and he works great when he's just walking around.

Finally, I did some fanservicey renders for fun, since I have both Lue and Drea done now. c: I haven't done alternate expressions, though, so they are kind of going :| at each other. ROMANCE!!!

Flan is next!



I'm trying to finish up the skelebots over the next few days.

Blue skele is the "perfect" version. He's got metal parts and is clean and sharp. I want his teeth to look like sharp blades, but haven't finished the texture yet.

I really like how his back looks.

In conclusion, self-illumination maps are now my favourite thing ever.