one sketch, one not-sketch

So, I scanned some things from my personal sketchbook a day or two ago.

This is one of my D&D characters, Arinae. I am going to try and do a low-poly game model of her as a personal project. I was unable to start today, but I did manage to finish the first version of the "skelebot" model!
I want to get better renders once I have textures in there, and a rig, so I can pose him. He's a bit under 4,000 polys.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully doing some new renders of my "Sprite" model, getting some better shots of the skeleton, and starting on the Arinae model!



Okay, so, this isn't a sketch, but I'm posting it anyway.

Richard Williams came to DigiPen to talk to us and it was amazing. He let me take this silly photo with my cell phone (the camera I brought ran out of batteries!) and signed my sketchbook. :D

I've also finished my website, which you can see at the proper URL, www.antipodeart.com!



This is how you spell "post."

Um! New blog!

I'm going to hopefully use this by uploading all my fiddly little sketches that I don't really have anywhere else to upload. I've always thought that sort of thing was cool. This means there will be LOTS and LOTS of images.

So I guess let's start with the unified designs I did for "Djinn & Juice," the game I'm working on for school. The rough designs were done by my teammates, then tweaked back and forth by all of us, and finally taken by me to do the final designs and colours. The glowing orbs are a major plot point in the game, so I tried to put those into the designs as much as possible!

This is our protagonist and antagonist. Protagonist will probably be getting reworked colours a bit, since we don't want him to match the antagonists so well.

This is the general design for the "fodder" enemies you fight throughout the level. I'll be doing several different textures for the one model, just to get a bit of variation into the game.

This is the chandelier mantis, or jewelled mantis, or whatever we decide to call him. XD He will be in the castle entranceway and will drop down on the player as a sort of pre-boss or midboss. We're going to foreshadow the hell out of this, so it should be really scary once you actually get to fight him! He's VERY BIG compared to the other characters!

This is my "look and feel" painting of the city. It takes place in Constantinople, around the fall of the Byzantine Empire, but, well, you know, with aliens and genies and things. I haven't added in too much detail here yet, but this is a good idea of what the environment looks like.

Anyway, that's it for now. :B Test post! Looks like 400px across is the limit!