Andy & Zachary WIP

I've posted some art of Andy/Miranda before, but it's all been little sketches. Well, recently I liked one of them enough to clean up.

The anatomy is entirely horrible here, but I liked the pose, so I scanned it in.

Here's the reference I'm working off of, by the way. Neverwinter Nights, quite old game, but still very good.

After a lot of sketching and redoing and moving things around, here's what I've got so far! The image got flipped since Zach's right handed and Andy's left hand is important, I'm not sure what I was thinking doing it the other way to begin with. The lines are more of a guide, I plan to remove them in the end. Oh, and I had no reference of Zach's sword, so I put off drawing it. I have some reference now, so that will probably be in the next version.

This is a better idea of what it'll look like in the end. :D She looks like a Disney character to me, but I'm cool with that.


Grab Bag

So, I now have a job working at BrandX Games, but since I can't post anything I'm working on, I am going to post a whole lot of unrelated doodles instead.

This is the loading animation on my website. I need to throw her on a nonwhite background.

Here's Zeb, who is a Megaman X fancharacter from middle school. Mind you, in middle school she looked like:

But no matter. :D

These three are of Miranda Rose, another D&D character who I haven't quite had time to do a painting of yet. I did unearth some really fun sketches, but the anatomy is so bad in them that I won't post it here until I've got a better version.

Here is something I haven't posted much of... a landscape!

This is something I'd like to paint as well. It's an elven temple, even though it looks like a tree. And on that topic, two pictures of a character from this area... drawn on the back of a D&D character sheet, because I am classy and also cannot be presented with paper without drawing all over it.

I think the second one is stronger. This character is always sticking a hip out, I'm not sure what's up with that.

Also from the back of the character sheet, but from a different game, Rhysaar. She's an aquatic elf of some kind.

Finally, here is a super pro drawing from the back of another D&D character sheet. It's our entire 4ed D&D party, inspired by the 4ed artwork. Princess in the middle is a (male, even) elven bard, the two on the end are lovely gnoll and dwarf fangirls of his, who apparently have similar taste in enormous, swirly bras. Emo tiefling and generic male paladin lead the party!!

This is on our fridge as though I am a four year old who made a picture for his mommy.

Aaaand hopefully one day, I will have something to post here that makes me look less crazy. :D