Andy Thumbs

Did a couple more this morning based on critique I received. We're heading off to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at DigiPen now, I'll keep working on it when i get back.


New Project

Hello, sketchblog!

I am beginning a new project today, with the intention of reaching a few different goals.

It'll likely be much more realistic than a lot of my work has been in the past. It's been interesting so far, but I feel bad using this much photo reference.

I'm using Andy for this, half because I know the character like the back of my hand, and half because there's a new Neverwinter coming out and I thought it would be fun to translate a character from NWN1 into current gen graphics.

Here's the first four of my thumbnails for her costume.

So far I like the "pirate" one best but I'm not sure about the boots. I want something that looks roughly like what she wears in NWN1, but past that I'm unsure.

She has the skeletal arm, a set of distinctive bracers called "Evershade" (I only drew one in the thumbs though), and supposedly, really great legs. If I can get something that showcases those things while still keeping the resemblance, I will be really happy.

EDIT: After some initial critique, I've altered her proportions slightly:

Legs a bit longer, head a bit larger.