This illustration was done as a gift for a friend. It will be included in her comic/artbook as a bonus image. You can pre-order a copy right over here.


Website Update

You can now view separate pages about my Drowlove Low-poly project, NWN2 projects, Arkaz projects, and Dragon Age projects. There are now also a selection of sketches and life drawings to see.

More content soon, I have a few things in progress!



I'm working as a lifeguard right now. Though it's very much not what my degree is in, I'm enjoying the exercise and I get to see a large variation of interesting people and body types. Here's a few of my favorite swimmers so far.

I guess this is sort of life drawing? :D I showed this to some of the other lifeguards and they were able to guess exactly who all of these people were, so I will take that as a success for now.