DrowLove Low-Poly Models!

Granth was the last model I needed to do. c:


I get to unwrap them all and start texturing next!



He has his P2 hair, but both ears. I figure I can destroy his ear with alpha.

He's got an eyepatch, too, but you can't see it much when it's all the same colour, so...


He's easily the broadest of them.


Granth is next and then I'm done modelling and get to start on textures!

It worked!

I didn't really think it would work, but it totally worked.

His torso in front is attached to his pants!

And his torso in back is attached to the coat! Smoothing looks perfect!

I also fixed Pyras, and updated the LINEUP.


Fie & The Skeleton

...that sounds like a TERRIBLE children's book.

He's 498 tris. I can't make his coat pockets or boot details without going over, so that will be done in texture.

The skirt is done the same way as Pyras's... I wish there was a way to make that look more smooth easily. HMMMM I might play with this, I have one idea.

Glasses will be done with alphas.

His hair looks like a banana. D:

Skelebot I've been texturing, I think I'm pretty much done with him, at least for the first pass.

Uh. I kind of went nuts with the teeth. XD;

The lighting is glitching and I'm not sure why. I promise it isn't textured to do that. I'll probably be trying to move him to a new file and see if that fixes the problem.

You've pretty much seen this view, but I added a lot of red

The wires and gems are self-illuminated, but are not light sources. All the max lighting here is just white lights so I could see the texture.

Drea is next for the DrowLove project, and Caleb is next for Djinn & Juice.


Flan and Co.

I finished Flan!His outfit is very simple so I was able to put his whole poly count into his HAIR.

Which, by the way, makes like NO SENSE.

It'll look better with alpha obv.

He has only a little nose c:


Just material colours, but it really helps. I can't wait to texture!

Fie is next!


Here's the renders of the skelebot texture I promised.

Of course, this isn't complete, but this is what I had for alpha.

I need, most importantly, to make the alphas not suck, and add texture to his pants and sash thing.

He's also going to have to be reskinned, which is really too bad, but apparently not too big of an issue, which is nice!

Lue and the girls

Okay, so, I finally did the Lue model.

I used the same base with a *lot* of modifications, but I have a base for the guys now.

He is 501 tris and 5'7" with heels, lol.


However, I am really happy with how it came out! c:!

It looks like him, I think!

Didn't manage the duster, but he has his collar for the vest.

And the current lineup! He's about the same height as autem, and oddly, she's more broad than him. XD Arinae is still a shrimp.

Maybe Flan next, since he's also really slim?


Skelebot Texturing: Take One!

I started on the SKELEBOT texture today, and he is proving to be a lot easier than Mehmed, as expected, so I pretty much have a workable texture on him already!

However, it appears that I forgot to take screencaps, so these are a bit old.

I'm not sure what's up with the brown belt. I think I thought it would look good? It got changed to blue, I promise he does not still look like that.

This picture is brought to you by accidentally turning on mental ray.

And here's THE CLAW.

More screencaps when I remember to save them, and Lueali should be finished by tomorrow! c:! These models seem ridiculously high-poly after my drowlove project!



I've been using UV Layout for unwrapping, and it's amazing.

Here's the unwrapped skelebot. I'm going to start texturing him today or tomorrow.

For those who haven't used the program, red is "too small," blue is "too big," and green is perfect. c: He has a LOT of cuts since he's so weirdly complex, but I think he will be easy to texture. Easier than Mehmed, anyway.

I don't have any new screencaps of the DrowLove project, but I have finally started on Lueali. His hair is going to be a pain, so I decided to put him in just the vest and pants, since it will save polys for the hair. If I have some left over I might add his duster, but I don't see that happening.



Okay, so, I lied again.

Since I already had the base model for the female body, Pyras was easier to do than Lueali.

She's 502 tris, iirc, and would be higher if I hadn't deleted her crotch. XD

It's not like you'll see it. I hear her skirt is made of cardboard.

To scale. Arinae is a shrimp.

Anyway, I'm out of girls now, so next time it'll really be Lueali.