Painting from life!

So here's two weeks worth of life drawing, since I didn't upload last week. Luckily, (unluckily??) I didn't like many of my drawings last week, so there isn't too much I have to show this time.

I drew several like this, with too bit of heads, due to having my (very large) sketchbook in my lap instead of on an easel. I kept forgetting the perspective of having the thing in my lap means that I don't have to draw the head so big. Sigh.

This week, there were two sessions back to back: a normal one, and a three hour session with only one pose. I went to the long pose but skipped the others.

Acrylics because my gouache has apparently dried out! :c This was interesting since I've never done a nude from life before with paints, and I spent quite a lot of time fighting the tools rather than focusing on creating a likeness. This is something I should probably spend more time on, but next time I wouldn't mind having a canvas, I think, since this one was just in my big sketchbook.