Andy Rough & Flying Saucer

So, since last time I posted, I had a major computer crash. I'm posting from a new desktop now, because my laptop will no longer even turn on. I've recovered all my data, thankfully, and the new setup is quite a bit nicer! I'm looking forward to having Photoshop again.

In the meantime, I've just been doodling a lot at work. I'll scan some more later, but I wanted to show my favourite at the moment:

This is Miranda Rose, a character I've been playing on a Neverwinter Nights game. This is just a doodle that I coloured up with col-erase, but I'm pleased with the composition, so I think I might make a redo my first Photoshop project with the new computer!

I've also been commissioned with my good friend Bryanna to do some advertising animations for a local pizza place. I'll post what I can for that here, in the meantime, check out Flying Saucer.