Here's some stuff I made that falls more into "whimsical" than realistic. I don't think I'd posted these before, so this should be fun.

The sprite I've shown before. She was designed for a 3D model, then later made into a 2D sprite (haha! It's a pun!) for a different project.

This was my Junior game project. I did 2D art for the game, such as promotional art, matte paintings, and textures. This was my favorite of the things I made for the project.

Disgruntled looking tooth fairy for an animation storyboard. We were given the design of one character (Billy) and had to design the other characters around him. The teacher loved this one.



I just got a copy of my friend Rochelle's comic and artbook in the mail. It is GORGEOUS so I feel the need to post photos.

This one was my contribution!

If you want to get a copy for yourself, it's on sale here!


3D pose + lighting ref

This was supposed to be a quick perspective reference and I got a little carried away.

I think lighting and texture are my favorite things about 3D.

EDIT: So, I received critique that my reference was too washed out, which is TRUE. I ended up upping the contrast a lot in the final, which was made in, of all things, Tegaki.

I'm not fully happy with it, as is typical, but it was a lot of fun trying out a different process. Next time I'm using Photoshop, though.


Tegaki Background

I used to participate in a Tegaki (drawing-based) RPG. I've joined another because it's basically daily drawing challenges in this little MS-paint type program. There's an option for a blog background now, so I did this little picture for that. I think her waist is a bit too small, even for the style.



This illustration was done as a gift for a friend. It will be included in her comic/artbook as a bonus image. You can pre-order a copy right over here.


Website Update

You can now view separate pages about my Drowlove Low-poly project, NWN2 projects, Arkaz projects, and Dragon Age projects. There are now also a selection of sketches and life drawings to see.

More content soon, I have a few things in progress!



I'm working as a lifeguard right now. Though it's very much not what my degree is in, I'm enjoying the exercise and I get to see a large variation of interesting people and body types. Here's a few of my favorite swimmers so far.

I guess this is sort of life drawing? :D I showed this to some of the other lifeguards and they were able to guess exactly who all of these people were, so I will take that as a success for now.



So I just realized it's been a while since I posted some sketches!

This is from when I was working for Brand X, fairies started creeping into everything I drew. This one is labeled "bug" and I don't know more than that. On that topic, my game is coming out soon, so everyone should go preregister!

Here's some more Mucha-inspired Andy because I haven't drawn enough of that lately.

Undead animation. I don't know how the skeleton is holding together like that, and I don't know where its legs are... I like the concept though, it's on my list of drawings to improve.

This was Andy, in a disguise she never ended up wearing. I still like the design.

Spider... sort-of new character. She has a fun face, so she's really enjoyable to draw.

I spent a few months on WoW, which I'm not sure I enjoyed as a game, but the art was spectacular. This was my attempt to draw my character, Rin.

I've been attempting to push styles a bit farther by distorting shapes and all that... Andy has gotten to be my target pretty often because her build is curvy and fun to draw. I'm not sure how well I like this yet, but it's a fun change and I think the efforts will help my art.

Ghost!Andy. She's creepy when she dies.

Andy and her boyfriend Zachary. He is harder for me to draw, but I liked this one.

Eilshe. I don't think I've posted anything about him before. He's a retired character now--a shapeshifter who has taken the form of an elf. He was not very smart, but very friendly.

Spider again, with poofy pants.

Spider. This is her in-game outfit. You can tell she is a barbarian because she wears furry boots.

I'm NOT SURE what this is. I think I just wanted to draw little kids in gloves and boots and poofy hats. I think they would be fun to model in 3D.

A CAR. I actually really love cars, but never quite got around to practicing drawing them. I try to sketch 'em when I find myself waiting for someone in a parking lot.

Here's my map for the Dragon Age level. I think I'm going to start over so I can get it closer to this idea, I really like this design and I didn't quite have it nailed before.

Aaaaand that's it for now. :)

3D + Watercolor

... Because these are apparently my favorite mediums all the sudden.

This is a semi-secret project I'm working on, to learn to import into a game engine, something I don't have a lot of experience with. I extruded a cube to make this ugly object (appropriately named "testblob") to see if it would retain smoothing, UV, and texture data. It DOES.

I haven't tested maps other than a diffuse yet, though. I really want to play with self-illumination and animated textures.

I also have recently obtained some new watercolor pencils, which I love since you can get such nice results with so little mess. I wanted to test them out, so I jumped on the Arkaz IRC room and took the first suggestion I got: Narcissa, an NPC vampire from the game.

The anatomy is horrible and there's a lot I should have done differently (the color scheme, least of all...), but overall I'm pleased. I learned a lot about my tools doing this, and that was the point. :) Looking forward to using them again.