Blood Magic

More stuff I drew on my lunch break!

One day I will draw Andy doing something she, you know, actually does sometimes.


progress and lost lighting

This might have been slightly ambitious given the amount of available time I have right now. Anyway, I've finally got Zach's face to a level where I don't cringe to look at him, I've put in the base of a sword and some placeholder lightning. I had some blue light on them from the placeholder lightning, but accidentally closed the file without saving it, so that will have to be redone. I've also adjusted the seams on Andy's robe in the sketch so that it actually makes sense... might seem like a small tweak, but it was driving me insane.

I think their hair will stay as-is until I get the clothes to a more complete level, since I'll probably end up with some flyaway strands on the clothing and I think it will be more efficient just to do that once.

Here's what it looked like with the blue lighting I lost. The previous picture is more recent and has some tweaks to Zach's face to make him look a little better.



Finished this at work today. :D

The paper got all waffley from being colored, so my scanner destroyed it pretty well. I did my best to fix it up in Photoshop. Pretty happy with how this turned out, but I really badly want to go get more col-erase pencils now, considering what's shown here is basically every color I have left.


Work Doodles

Obviously Mucha-inspired WIP Andy. Complicated by the loss of most of my col-erase pencils, resulting in a VERY limited palette that does not, unfortunately, include her hair color.