3D + Watercolor

... Because these are apparently my favorite mediums all the sudden.

This is a semi-secret project I'm working on, to learn to import into a game engine, something I don't have a lot of experience with. I extruded a cube to make this ugly object (appropriately named "testblob") to see if it would retain smoothing, UV, and texture data. It DOES.

I haven't tested maps other than a diffuse yet, though. I really want to play with self-illumination and animated textures.

I also have recently obtained some new watercolor pencils, which I love since you can get such nice results with so little mess. I wanted to test them out, so I jumped on the Arkaz IRC room and took the first suggestion I got: Narcissa, an NPC vampire from the game.

The anatomy is horrible and there's a lot I should have done differently (the color scheme, least of all...), but overall I'm pleased. I learned a lot about my tools doing this, and that was the point. :) Looking forward to using them again.

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