After Career Day

I didn't update at all for a while, so I have a lot to show this time.
I finished Lueali. This is the render I took for career day. I have one from behind as well, but that's less interesting.

Here's what his wireframe looks like.

This is with a WIP texture, but I did his eyes on several photoshop layers so they can be opened and closed, and moved around to make him look in different directions. I'd like to do different expressions too, but haven't had time.

Close up of the face wireframe with texture. The eyes are mouth are not modelled.

Messing around. XD; I wanted it to look like he was holding a LENSFLARE but it didn't really work, which was too bad.

These are the full resolution textures for Lue and Arinae. I mirrored her face but not his, she's kind of a more symmetrical person. I might redo that, but I don't think I have time. She has such piercing eyes that I don't really want to move them around much anyway.

I've only started Drea. I've got his face finished but haven't touched anything else yet.

Lynda showed me specularity and illumination maps, so I added those to Lue and Arinae yesterday. I really like the look, but I'm not sure it's something that could be used in a game like this. I figure they are extras, the model still looks nice without them. c:

Lue's hair with the spec map on. The alpha lets light through, it's the greatest thing. His hair still doesn't look curly enough for my taste, but it works for now.

This is one of the renders I did for career day. I handed out post card-sized prints with this image, as well as an 18x24 poster.

This is the last print I did for career day. This one was *really* popular, which surprised me a lot, considering it's a photoshop speed painting on top of a render. Well, I had a version without the wonky grass, anyway. This is before the lum and spec maps, but unfortunately the daylight system blows everything out so much that you couldn't see the self-illuminated materials anyway.

I'm putting Drea on hold until I can get some feedback on his texture, so I'm starting Flan instead. I should have some renders of him soonish.

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