Five Finished

So I've got two more models for the DrowLove project.

Flan! I had to get a lot of critique from Bob to get him to look like him, but we're really happy with how he came out!

Uh. I'm a little burned out. :D;

Bob likes this one.

And I like this one. XD

Texture makes a lot of difference!

And here's Autem!
Same deal, I had to get a lot of critique from Yubi, but luckily, she actually has an actress she knows of that I was able to use as reference for what a more realistic Autem might look like.

Her skin test was a little prettier than Flan's.

Here's the current lineup. I'm replacing and posing models as I finish them. They each have diffuse, opacity, self-illumination, and specular maps. I've skinned them to bipeds because I really don't have time for eight custom rigs.


Fie is next. c:

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