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Fie is done.

I actually figured out how to use biped extras, so I rigged his coat. I'll probably go back and do Drea's coat this same way, but not yet, I need to finish the last two models first.

He doesn't really have enough geometry for a good coat rig, but it works way better than skinning to his legs.


So, I added him to the lineup, where he is coincidentally right next to Lueali. I don't think either of them would be particularly happy with that.

He brings some boot colour variation to the group.

Aaand then I did a bunch of renders because I'm getting a kick out of this project.

Flan is the favourite of all my professors. XD Oddly, he translated really well into 3D.

Fie is my favourite, I think. I really like his glasses.

Autem, who is pretty.

Arinae, the first I did. I'm noticing skinning errors on her, and I need to tone down her eyes just a little. She is supposed to have very pale piercing eyes, but right now it's a bit of an overkill.


She is somehow one of the most expressive ones.

I really like Fie. XD LOOK OUT LUE.

I think I did something strange with Lue's self-illumination. He looks fine in Max, but gets weird shadows on his face in all the renders. I'll probably take a look at that when I get to the point where I am fixing old errors in these models.

Granth is next! These are due on Wednesday, I'm hoping to have them done this weekend.

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