Texturing Like Crazy

Skeletons are as finished as I am going to worry about getting them for now. I'd like to touch them up a bit, but this is workable unless I get free time, which I don't think will happen, unfortunately.

And Drea makes 3/8 DrowLove models done.

For fun, here's a render before he was skinned properly:

And here is one after skinning. I've noticed a few obvious errors since this, but really, that big coat creates problems for dynamic poses. I might experiment with ways to fix this, but I don't really think I have time, and he works great when he's just walking around.

Finally, I did some fanservicey renders for fun, since I have both Lue and Drea done now. c: I haven't done alternate expressions, though, so they are kind of going :| at each other. ROMANCE!!!

Flan is next!

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  1. I gotta say I just love these. They make me smile :) Your textures rock as usual.