DrowLove Low-Poly Project

Here is the promised D&D post!

I am attempting to create low-poly game models of all eight DrowLove protagonists for ANI400, so now I have a whole lot of D&D stuff that will actually be polished nicely in the end! I was very inspired by Tom Tallian's low-poly TF2 models, and I've spent a lot of time examining his edgeloops and textures. I hope I can make mine look so nice!

I did these silhouettes to get a feel for what I would be modelling and how I would need to alter their costumes. The four on the bottom show two alternate costumes for Lue, Pyra's day two costume, and Autem's day one costume. I am thinking I'll go with day one costumes for Pyras and Autem, but I'm not fully decided on Lue yet, his archmage's robes would make him more distinctive, but he doesn't have them at this point in the story.

I've just finished the Arinae model. She took a few hours so far, but hasn't been unwrapped yet.
Most of her costume is going to be done with the texture, since her clothes are fairly form-fitting. I'm not sure how to get the smoothing to work perfectly, I'm going to have to play with it. I also chose to give her the day two costume since it's a little more finished-looking. She has a couple planes where I will detail the hair with alphas but the braid simplifies it.

I'll be starting on Lueali next. I hope to have all the models finished in a couple of weeks, so I can texture and put bipeds in them.

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