Fie & The Skeleton

...that sounds like a TERRIBLE children's book.

He's 498 tris. I can't make his coat pockets or boot details without going over, so that will be done in texture.

The skirt is done the same way as Pyras's... I wish there was a way to make that look more smooth easily. HMMMM I might play with this, I have one idea.

Glasses will be done with alphas.

His hair looks like a banana. D:

Skelebot I've been texturing, I think I'm pretty much done with him, at least for the first pass.

Uh. I kind of went nuts with the teeth. XD;

The lighting is glitching and I'm not sure why. I promise it isn't textured to do that. I'll probably be trying to move him to a new file and see if that fixes the problem.

You've pretty much seen this view, but I added a lot of red

The wires and gems are self-illuminated, but are not light sources. All the max lighting here is just white lights so I could see the texture.

Drea is next for the DrowLove project, and Caleb is next for Djinn & Juice.

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